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Into the Wild by: Jon Krakauer

1.Protagonist: Alex Supertramp/ Chris McCandless- adventurous, smart, intelligent, bright, wealthy, different, abstract, curious, driven, passionate, nomadic, yearning, exuberant, happy, lonely.

2.Antagonist: Walt and Billie McCandless- Selfish, greedy, materialistic, self-centered, deceitful, acquisitive, illiberal, biased, conservative, giving, traditional, overbearing, abusive, mean, narcissistic.


  1. Man going into nature
  2. Man going away from society
  3. Man finding way to ultimate joy
  4. Man finding way to inner self
  5. Man wanting to find meaning


  1. Alaska
  2. Georgia
  3. North Dakota
  4. Montana
  5. Nevada


  1. Man vs. Environment/ Alex vs. unsuitable surroundings for living
  2. Man vs. Society/ Alex vs. Corruption of money
  3. Man vs. Man/ Alex vs. Parents
  4. Man vs. Himself/ Alex vs. Himself
  5. Man vs. Nature/ Alex vs. weather and conditions


  1. Alex likes to read
  2. Alex likes to write
  3. Alex likes to explore
  4. Alex likes to run
  5. Alex likes to hike
  6. Alex likes to live
  7. Alex likes to travel
  8. Alex likes to rebel
  9. Alex likes to interact
  10. Alex likes to hunt


1. “It is associated in our minds with escape from history oppression and law and irksome obligations.” (Krakauer 15)

2. “A Renaissance man of the plains, he is a farmer, welder, businessman, machinist, ace mechanic, commodities speculator, licensed airplane pilot, computer programmer, electronics troubleshooter, video game programmer.” (Krakauer 19)

3.” Shortly before he disappeared, Chris complained to Carine that their parents’ behavior was “so irrational, so oppressive, disrespectful and insulting that i finally passed my breaking point.” (Krakauer 64)

4. “The land itself was desolate, lifeless, without movement, so lone and cold that the spirit of it was not even that of sadness. (Krakauer 9)

5. “When Max, Carin’s eighteen-month-old Rottweiler, intrudes on Buckley’s turf, however, the ailing little dog thinks nothing of confronting the much bigger animal with a loud bark and a flurry of well-placed nips, sending the 130-point beast scurrying for safety.” (Krakauer 128)

Plot Outline

1. Exposition

Characters:Alex/ Chris McCandless, Wayne Westerburg, Walt McCandless, Ron Franz,

Alex: main character, nomad, free spirited.

Wayne: Alex’s friend, felon, caring.

Walt: Alex’s dad, liar, overbearing.

Ron: Alex’s “Grandpa”, old man, loving

Settings: Alaska, Georgia, Wild, Mexico, Montana, North Dakota.

Problem: Alex wants to get away from corruption, Alex wants to find true happiness, Alex wants to go to Alaska.

2. Rising Action

a. Walt pressures Alex in to becoming materialistic.

b. Alex wants to get away from corruption in the world.

c. Alex wants to go into the wild.

d. Alex decides to go to Alaska to live there.

e. Alex travels around the U.S. making multiple new friends.

f. Wayne gives Alex a job at the mill.

g. Alex goes into the wild in Alaska.

h. Alex finds the bus in the wild of Alaska

i. Alex Shoots a moose and wastes the meet.

j. Alex feels accomplished and heads out of the wild.

3. Climax

Alex tries to leave the wild after becoming happy with his trip, and running out of rice. When he is leaving he has to cross the river, which is now roaring through the land and is uncrossable due to the weather conditions and the snow melting. Alex knows that he cant cross it now and it will be to cold later, he is stranded.

4. Falling Action

Alex is stranded in the wild.

Alex becomes afraid and lonely.

Alex realizes that true happiness is only real when shared.

Alex has no food.

Alex is starving to death.

Alex eats the poisonous plant.

5. Resolution

Alex dies from eating the plant.

Hunters find the cabin and call the police.

People read Alex’s story.

Society is fascinated by Alex’s story.


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